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July 21, 2017

5 Reasons To Book A Cruise Through A Travel Agent.

1. Travel agents are knowledgeable experts.

2. Travel agents deliver one-stop shopping.
We are able to create a seamless travel experience with transfers, air, as well as unique pre and post tours and hotels. We are also able to create private shore excursions that are unique to each port.

3. Travel agents provide an added level of support.

We absolutely rely on agents as our primary means of distribution—and it’s not just our distribution, it’s also just the support they provide.

4. Travel agents understand your needs. 

Travel professionals get to know the customer, their wants and their needs, really well. It’s almost as if your best friend is booking a trip for you.

5. Travel agents serve as your advocate when things go astray.

There’s so much advice we can offer, it helps to have an agent before you go on a trip. But it’s also great to have an agent for when things go bump in the night, to have someone to call when you have a delayed flight. That’s what keeps customers coming back.

Yes, You Should Use A Travel Agent, NASDAQ Says.

It seems Wall Street has discovered travel agents.

“Before everyone carried the Internet around in their pocket, travel agents were a near necessity for a successful trip. Now, with smartphones and tablets at the ready, it’s a lot easier for anyone to look up flights and read hotel reviews. But is it always smarter?” asks an article that ran this weekend on Its answer: “A well-connected agent can make sure your trip goes smoothly and stays affordable. Plus, they’re available for an emergency call if you run into a problem.”

A professional travel agent can ensure you don’t “stress over every single detail of a trip and whether you’re getting the best possible deal,” the article notes. A travel agent is especially useful when things go wrong, or when you plan a specialized itinerary, a trip to a theme park or a first cruise. “An agent who knows the territory can be a huge time saver, even if you have to pay a fee for the assistance,” it says, and quotes ASTA’s Erika Richter as saying, “when you decide to use a travel agent you are going to be working with someone who specializes in customer service.”

NY Times Praises Travel Agents.

The Times suggested looking for the skills and expertise of someone knowledgeable about a niche, including “a particular destination,” and asked readers about how deeply involved they want to be in choosing travel suppliers.

It’s important “to work with an adviser who matches your travel planning personality. You can find out if advisers are happy to hold your hand or leave you alone by asking them directly.”

The article also promoted travel agent service fees, quoting Kolner as saying, “You are paying for an adviser’s knowledge and for the perks they’re able to score for you.”


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