Your Holiday Starts Here


Life can be incredibly demanding. We all deserve a break now and again to
recharge our batteries, spend quality time with our loved ones and enjoy the
fruits of our hard work.
If you’ve always wanted to take more holidays, but without going in circles to
plan them, you now have the power to make those dreams a reality and on
your own terms. It all starts with Dream Vacation Club, your new all-access pass
to the holidays you’ve been dreaming of.


Dream Vacation Club offers holiday assurance and security, which ensures that
you always have the opportunity to take a well-deserved break when you need
it the most.
Trends in fractional holiday ownership are moving away from fixed-weeks
towards a more flexible system, which provide greater holiday options. This
is why we work on a no-frills points allocation system which allows you to
book your holiday online or telephonically through our Holiday Concierge
As a member, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of travel memories with a diverse selection
of hand-picked holiday accommodation across exclusive resorts in South Africa.
These range from our own developments, including our flagship Peninsula All-
Suite Hotel in Cape Town, to luxurious resorts of international distinction.
Along with assured satisfaction and top-notch service, our club is backed by
20 years’ of experience and our loyal and dedicated team are waiting to make
your next holiday your best one yet.


Planning a holiday as a member of Dream Vacation Club isn’t just about
choosing a room – it’s about searching for that perfect experience and
we’re here to help you find it.
Over the years, Dream Vacation Club has secured a wide selection of
holiday accommodation and incorporated Dream Vacation Club points
which have been allocated according to unit size, facilities, location, season
and demand. Most of our resorts are situated in popular holiday areas of
South Africa and have been chosen for their peaceful surroundings, as
well as their close proximity to wilderness and wildlife, or for their specialinterest
We have also personally star-graded our options from “standard” to
“deluxe” to help you decide on the holiday most suitable for you. Bear
in mind that our foremost resorts naturally require more points than
comparable accommodation with fewer stars, for the same time of the year.


If you love to travel internationally, Dream Vacation Club will also give you
the power to make your international holiday dreams a reality.
We offer some of the world’s most sought-after resorts through our various
exchange partners like RCI, Interval International and iExchange. Start with
4100 or more points and when you’re ready to book, one of our international
sales executives will assist you by adding the finishing touches.


During a short consultation, we will help you determine which level of
membership will best suit you. Our sales executives will be available to help
establish your holiday requirements by asking a few simple questions such
as how many people usually travel with you, how frequently you travel or
would like to travel, and if you prefer shorter or longer holidays. Keep this
all in mind.
Based on this quick needs analysis, we will then propose a suitable point
allocation guideline which you will receive annually for as long as you remain
a member of Dream Vacation Club. You only purchase these points onceoff,
with the option to upgrade at any time.


We know that planning your holiday should be fun, but most of all, we
believe in keeping it simple.
To book your holiday, all you need to do is page through your electronic
member companion and select a destination as well as a preferred resort,
with some alternatives. Our easy-to-follow guide provides you with the
exact number of points required for a holiday at a specific destination,
along with our star grading to give you a better idea of what the selected
accommodation offers.


Dream Vacation Club purchases resorts or specific weeks at various resorts
in areas of high demand on an on-going basis. This is why we can deliver
top-notch accommodation options which tick all of the right boxes.
Our 8 month delivery promise is unique to Dream Vacation Club as it
ensures that you get the holiday you want, when you want it. It is our core
value proposition which sets us apart from other holiday clubs. Members
are, however, encouraged to book in advance to take advantage of this
Our member requests are continuously monitored to guide the club’s
trustees with their decision-making when it comes to acquiring holiday
stock for the club. Should there be demand for specific areas or properties
within desired seasons, the trustees will attempt to acquire this stock in
order to satisfy member demand for the future.
In the event that you cannot be accommodated at a particular Dream
Vacation Club property at the time of request, the trustees will endeavour
to acquire suitable accommodation for you, prior to check-in.


Dream Vacation Club offers in-house financing facilities and as a member
you will be able to take the reins in financing your membership capital
amount with us and still be able to go on holiday while paying it off.
We have various credit options available to finance your membership
loan, including terms up to 60 months to pay. Subscription fees for your
membership are payable in advance or by debit order monthly over a 12
month calendar period. Knowing what your holiday will cost you upfront
offers you peace of mind and you can avoid those massive credit card bills
after you return from your holiday, or having to spend all of your savings on
your own well-deserved leisure time.



• Secure leisurely holidays at a fraction of the cost for the future
• Snap up value-for-money offerings at sought-after resorts (not
always available to the general public)
• Enjoy self-catering options with the flexibility of mid-week,
weekend, full week or longer stays
• Purchase additional points at any time
• Select the dates, season, destination and the size of your
• Our 8 month delivery promise ensures that you get the holiday you
want, when you want it
• Instant access to international travel options
• Our in-house finance allows flexible monthly payment options
• Borrow up to 100% of next year’s points allocation for an extended
holiday, or to book a higher category resort
• Accumulate your points for up to 3 years
• Bequeath your points to your loved ones
• Benefit from the Dream Hotels & Resorts Rewards programme


As a valued Dream Vacation Club member, you are entitled to enjoy
the benefits of the Dream Hotels & Resorts Rewards Programme
which offers you a range of VIP holiday benefits and discounts.


Dream Vacation Club is one of the few clubs that has exit options
in place should you feel that our product no longer lives up to your
expectations. All options are subject to a member having fully settled
their loan account obligation as well as their club subscriptions being

As we remind all of our members, becoming part of Dream Vacation
Club is designed to be a longer-term holiday investment, in yourself,
your family and friends.


Our guidelines below will provide you with some direction on the kind of holiday you can expect,
depending on the amount of points that you purchase. You can purchase additional points at any
time should your holiday requirements change. Senior members qualify for membership with a
reduced subscription fee obligation with access to a limited amount of properties.

At this level you would be entitled to:
• A week’s holiday during selected school holidays
including some weeks over the Christmas and
New Year period
• Multiple weekend or mid-week breaks
• Access to go on at least one international holiday
through our exchange partners


Following a discussion with your sales
executive, a needs analysis will be conducted
to help establish your vacation requirements
and the number of points required to fulfil your
holiday needs
2. The number of Dream Vacation Club points
that you purchase will determine the resort,
time of year and length of stay of your holiday.
Please refer to the points guidelines on page 9
3. The purchase price of your Dream Vacation
Club points can be paid for either in cash or on
credit, which is available via Dream Vacation
Club’s in-house financing division
4. Should you purchase your points on credit you
will be responsible for monthly repayments of
your loan amount which is payable over a term
of up to 60 months. Terms and conditions are
applicable to credit purchases and discounts
apply to cash purchases
5. To ensure that the club’s vacation units are
maintained throughout the year, you will also
be liable for an annual subscription fee which
can be paid for upfront in cash, or interest free
over a 12 month calendar period