Dr. Jones got R2,100 CASHBACK on his trip to Switzerland

“Thank you for the easy planning and hassle free trip to Switzerland”


Mavrick & Elanie got R12,000 CASHBACK on their honeymoon in Mozambique

“Our honeymoon was so romantic! Everything and above was taken care of by the Dr.Travel team”


Lizz & Stefan got R3,250 CASHBACK on their trip to Spain

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Pat got R42,000 CASHBACK on her trip to Mauritius

“What an awesome trip with my family. Thank you Dr.Travel for the smooth sails!”


Mrs. Langenhoven got R1,800 CASHBACK on her trip to Zanzibar

“We had so much fun on our trip. Hassle free and organised so quickly!”


Dr. Ruth and her family got R4,570 CASHBACK on their trip

“My family had the best time and everyone was happy with the plans from start to finish”


Cybil got R6,000 CASHBACK on his trip to Italy

“My wife and I enjoyed every second thanks to Dr.Travel’s booking team and constant communication”


Dr. Malinga got R10,100 CASHBACK after his trip to Italy

“I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Thank you Dr.Travel for the amazing experience”


Luthendo got R4,000 CASHBACK after her last trip

“Tjooo it was nice. Dr.Travel to the rescue once again for a quick weekend away to Mpumalanga”


Jennifer and her friends got R3,500 CASHBACK after their trip to Mabula

“It was really amazing to see such an awesome place with my friends”


Ivan and his family got R5,500 CASHBACK after they went to Dullstroom

“This is definitely something I would do again with Dr.Travel. They were such a breeze to work with”


Dr. Brian Monaisa got R8,000 CASHBACK after his trip to Sweden

“I’m loving the trip and having so much fun!”


Giovanni got €312 CASHBACK after his short notice trip from Venice

“Grazie a Dr.Travel per avermi aiutato a uscire da Venezia. Questa emergenza è stata gestita con la massima cura, grazie al tuo aiuto e supporto”


Dorry got R6,800 CASHBACK after his family trip to Dubai

“What a pleasure it was to work with the team at Dr.Travel. They made sure all my family’s needs were met. Thank you for that”


Mrs. South Africa sponsorship

“Thank you Dr.Travel for sponsoring me at the Mrs. South Africa pageant in 2018. It would not have been the same without your input and constant support”


Aunty Nelly got R4,300 CASHBACK from her trip to Finfoot lake reserve in North West

“Thank you so much, Dr.Travel for my trip to this serene place. Absolutely loved the breakfast and dinner”


Dr. Cele got R8,000 CASHBACK on her trip to Niagara Falls

“Had so much fun!”


Johan got R6,250 CASHBACK on his last trip

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Alida got R8,400 CASHBACK on her last family trip

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Deidre & Bill got R4,350 CASHBACK

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Louis & Sam’s family got R4,259 CASHBACK

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Michelle & Steve got R6,450 CASHBACK

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Monique got R6,223 CASHBACK on her last trip

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Tanya and Morne got R9,220 CASHBACK

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Inge & Rajesh got R9,990 CASHBACK on their last holiday with their son

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Jason got R2,589 CASHBACK on his last vacation

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The Jonker family got R6,754 CASHBACK on their trip to Cape Town

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The Koekemoer family got R13,000 CASHBACK on their last trip to Durban

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Michael got a T-Shirt and R11,500 CASHBACK after going to Dubai

“Thank you for the interesting trip, Dr.Travel. Posting feedback to say thanks for my free shirt and the amazing experience!”


The Marx family got R9,500 CASHBACK on their last trip to Mauritius

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Mckayla got R3,900 CASHBACK on her last holiday weekend

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Tim & Justine got R5,450 CASHBACK on their trip to the Middle East

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Trish & Kelsy got R8,550 CASHBACK for booking together

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The van Wyk’s got R13,200 CASHBACK on their international trip

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Joshua got R7,800 CASHBACK after going to Cape Town with his family

“I’ve always wanted to stay next to the ocean. Thanks to the team at Dr.Travel, I got to stay in a hotel that made me feel safe and welcome”


Steven & Tumi got R5,259 CASHBACK on their trip

“Dr.Travel made this the most enjoyable trip! Thank you to the team who was there from start to finish”